About us

On our tables for over 50 years!

For over 50 years, Caseifici Zani F.lli. has been providing a variety of genuine products with a strong link to the territory. Fresh and mature cheeses and ready meals have the authentic and traditional flavours of the land they come from.


Its know-how and artisanal methods combined with the constant attention to innovation and the quality of the final product have enabled the company to create a range of products that keep evolving to meet the demands of the ever-changing market.


The journey to reach today’s advanced technology level started early in the previous century, with Piero Zani, who began buying milk from farmers in the Po Valley to sell it to private customers, and later started producing Robiola cheese using artisanal methods. What has not changed overtime, as the business was handed down to his children and grandchildren, is the quality.

Quality and Control

Quality is pursued in all manufacturing and sales stages and is achieved following a number of specific steps: from the careful selection of the milk to the expert manufacture, cut and packaging of the final product; from the guarantee of the characteristics of the product to the choice of suppliers who comply with specific requirements and delivery standards.


Thanks to the new structure and the use of a Quality Management System, today the company has a better control over the production process and better hygiene and safety standards for its products. The CSQA certifies compliance with:  UNI EN ISO 22005: 2008, IFS FOOD and GLOBAL STANDARD FOR FOOD SAFETY (BRC).

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Innovation and Tradition

Caseifici Zani offers consumers traditional flavours and healthy and genuine products made in compliance with strict Made in Italy standards, maintaining original values and adapting to evolving trends.


Caseifici Zani has the Ethical Passport for Agri-Food Products (PEPA), a EU registered and protected brand, presented at Expo Milano 2015. An important electronic document that adds value to products on national and international markets and gives consumers visibility of product characteristics and ethical and environmental values.

How we make our Robiola

Robiola is a very versatile cheese that can be used to prepare all kinds of dishes, from appetizers to mains, or be enjoyed with soups or vegetables. Our Rabiola stands for great quality and taste.